Canada Takes Action To Help Vulnerable Immigration and Temporary Residence Candidates

Canada Introduces New Measures to Protect Vulnerable Immigrants

The federal government of Canada has introduced new measures to protect all vulnerable immigrants and workers. It announced multiple actions aimed at bettering the lives of such groups while operating within Canada. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada will introduce three new measures by September 9, 2019, as to help immigrants in different sectors. The law focuses on protecting vulnerable workers, those suffering from family abuse cases and helping sponsorship of immediate family members initially not declared when moving to Canada.

Vulnerable Workers

According to Ahmed Hussein, Immigration Minister in Canada, vulnerable workers will begin applying for open work permits starting June 4, 2019. The step will ensure the prevention of abusive job cases in Canada on temporary workers in employer-specific jobs. Besides, the action allows a vulnerable worker to quit the offensive job and seek other positions without losing their status as well as creating room for employer assessment. According to cases filed at the Canada Border Service Agency and police forces, about one hundred and sixty employers have been found guilty of abusive behaviors to vulnerable workers and face penalties and other related legal actions.

Family Abuse Newcomers

Another group benefitting from the new measures is newcomers facing family violence hence qualify for fee-exempt temporary resident permit application. Beginning on July 26, 2019, the new law will ensure all victims acquire a legal immigration status comprising of work and health care coverage permits. The IRCC is also advancing on the process of protecting those in urgent family abuse cases through hastening permanent residency applications in Canada, especially on altruistic and empathetic situations.

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The permit is, however, only available for foreign individuals who lack permanent residency documents as well as those having dependent status on aggressive spouses or partners. The new measure will guarantee all dependent members of an abusive partner or spouse is protected while maintaining the immigration status of abused individuals.

Measures to Sponsor Family Members Initially Undeclared

As from September 9, 2019, selected newcomers to Canada with undeclared immediate family members will begin sponsoring them in the future. The pilot project will take two years benefiting qualified people who comprise of resettled refugees and sponsored spouses, dependent children and partners. Initially, all immigrants applying for Canada residence were required to declare all immediate family members, failure to which resulted in a ban in sponsorship of undeclared members.

As such, the process will hinder critical applications to migrate to Canada through the initial family member. Similarly, the measure will favor those whose applications are in the process of approval, providing an opportunity to sponsor other family members in the future. As such, all approved applications will allow immediate family members to get sponsorship thus giving them a chance to visit and explore Canada.

According to IRCC statement, the federal government of Canada remains committed to protecting all vulnerable immigrants, immigrant candidates, and foreign workers. It aims at defending against abusive work situations, violent family cases, and on instances of reuniting undeclared immediate family members. Immigration Minister also stated that the government aims at providing protective measures to all immigrants hence eliminating fears of losing their status and mistreatment at working areas.